About RAF Studio

We are a Rustenburg-based fitness club that is focused on teaching all our members about the importance of exercise and good nutrition. We help our members achieve great results by combining the two as one cannot do without the other. We give the best services at the lowest price and give all our members attention and help them improve one day at a time. RAF creates a fun-filled and motivating environment to keep excitement levels high at all times. We ensure that new members feel welcomed and accommodated. Our great programmes have been structured to suit all ages and fitness levels. We have a group of dedicated ambassadors that give coaching to members to assist in meeting their needs and reaching their goals. We are a fitness family that keeps bonding and growing with each new member. This is all achieved because we have your best interests at heart.

RAF, we are interested in you.

About The Founder

My name is Mpho Molopo, also known as BlackSteel. I am a dedicated group fitness instructor that has committed to help and motivate people to achieve all their fitness and health needs. I am also an international HerbaLife independent distributor. We make use of their nutrition programme to complete the service we offer as nutrition makes up 80% of any fitness goal.

I have over 8 years experience in the fitness world and 3 years as a qualified group fitness instructor. In the past three years I have worked for Virgin Active, Planet Fitness, Just Gym, local gyms such as Club Executive Health, Fitness Quest and Li's Fitness Club.

As a fitness coach, I have provided services to DCS (Correctional services In Rustenburg), Job Shimankana Tabane Hospital, Department Of Home Affairs, North West Development Corporation; to mention a few.

I spend my days running and managing RAF Studio and a Fitness Coach and Operations Manager.


Our vision is to be the best health and fitness organization that prioritizes on health and fitness needs of its respective members/participants to ensure a more effective and active society.


Our mission is to provide a health and fitness centre intended to raise awareness on benefits of a healthy lifestyle as well as adding exercise or training on your daily routines by:
  • Motivating people to perceive good health and fitness as a need in life;
  • Helping inspire and change lives of people through health and fitness oriented lifestyle;
  • Engaging and taking part in improving and ensuring good technique and execution of training; and
  • Providing better and improved services as well as quality training which will guarantee outstanding results within the goal period.

Founder/Team Leader: Mpho "BlackSteel" Molopo

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