Welcome To RAF Studio

We are a fitness family that keeps bonding and growing with each new member. This is all achieved because we have your best interests at heart. Our wide range of exercise programmes is guaranteed to help you reach your fitness goals. We encourage a culture of coaching, group workouts and peer encouragement. Corporate and individual alike, we are interested in you.

This is what some of our members and clients have to say

Since joining RAF, I see efforts turning into quick results
I appreciate how I'm advised to work my nutrition hand in hand with my exercises
I found the routines challenging at first but group workouts keep me motivated and encouraged
I get to keep track of my progress and aim for higher targets thanks to the constant progress monitoring
The coaches at RAF are very friendly and approachable. I like that
I don't like contracts. RAF gives me the flexibility to pay for the months when I am available

Core Activities


  • Aerobics (choreographed)
  • Running
  • Bootcamp


  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building Excercises
  • Motivation
  • Wellness Day Events


  • Customised Programmes and Meal Plans
  • Personalised Progress Monitoring
  • Education About Nutrition And Excercise